Winter Solstice Opportunity

Friday, December 21, 2018, is the Winter Solstice, the longest, darkest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. The Winter Solstice is also the rebirth of light, in that each day becomes a bit longer after the Solstice.

In the land of The Modern Goddess, we pause at the Winter Solstice to acknowledge the gamut of our year: successes, breakthroughs, medal-worthy stands of Unmasking as well as the failed goals, breakdowns, and disappointments.

This year’s Winter Solstice is a perfect time to rebirth YOUR light from the darkest corners of your pain, depression, anger or middle-aged invisibility.

Below I’ve outlined a version of my in-person ceremony that you can do solo, or gather a few friends together to honor the shift into more light. And don’t worry if you aren’t able to do a ritual on Dec. 21 – I am doing mine on the 23rd!

Personal and Global

It seems to me our world is continuing to be called to do the very same thing – that is: bring light to the darkest corners. 2018 has seen more victims of sexual assault unmask in very public ways – thank you, Kristine Blasey Ford, for being the most visible. Truth-tellers have come forward in business, politics, and celebrity-dom and I celebrate their willingness to honor their conscience and speak truth – I even thank the ones who speak truth only when subpoenaed. These women (and men) demonstrate courage in their vulnerability as they name names, upending the apple carts of their lives, and often at great risk to the safety of themselves and their family.

This year, we complete another cycle of delving into the deep end and exhuming what feels like ancient, multi-generational stuff. My intention (and advice) is that we all find new levels of gentleness and compassion for others and ourselves, as we hold a firm boundary on B.S. – that of others and our own.

Winter Solstice Ceremony Outline


  1. Make a completion list of: successes, breakthroughs, medal-worthy stands in Unmasking; as well as the failed goals, breakdowns and disappointments. Write these lists on a piece of paper you can burn!
  2. Next, we dig deeper and examine the following questions, writing answers on paper to burn:
  • What are the pesky patterns that invite undesirable circumstances or relationships? (Ex: I am complete with not being my own top priority.)
  • What are the less than empowered behaviors that keep you going in circles like one foot is nailed to the floor?  (“This is the way I am,” stuff.)
  • What “lesson” do you keep re-learning? (Ex: saying “It’s OK,” doesn’t make it so.)
  • And my love, name that dream or goal that isn’t really authentic any longer.  (You know the one.)
  1. In your journal or a piece of paper to keep, write a list of gratitude as you reflect on 2018.
  2. Also in your journal or a piece of paper to keep, write a list of the experiences you would like to have in 2019. Not your list of goals – now is the opportunity to claim the way you want to feel and the experiential of next year. (Ex: I want to feel Lightness and experience Fun!)

Ceremony Time!

  1. On the evening of December 21, 2018, light some candles – extra points if they are red and green as red symbolizes the Solstice fire and returning light, and the green symbolizes evergreen trees and the continuing flow of life.
  2. Read your completion lists aloud to yourself, a loved one or to a group, and read them slowly. Read each item over and over until you feel every cell in your body aligned in the completion. If there is a holdout part of you, stop and bring it into alignment before you continue reading.
  3. Once you are through reading your completion lists, it is time to create warmth and light with your “old” fuel. Go outside and place your paper in a fireproof container. Acknowledge gratitude for all the learning and life lived along the way to this moment. Acknowledge that each hurt, insult or disappointment is fuel for your evolution. Then burn the paper. Watch it curl up at the edges. Watch the smoke rise into the night sky. (Let the container sit out overnight under the moon if possible. The next day, spread the ashes.)
  4. Read your list of 2018 gratitude aloud to yourself, a loved one or a group.
  5. Next, claim your chosen 2019 experiences by reading them aloud! Read them aloud until you feel your mind, heart, body, emotions, and soul aligned around your chosen experiences.

Re-Birthday Party Time!

After the ceremony is complete, it is time to light a candle on your re-birthday cake! (We use store-bought cupcakes in our Circle because we just don’t need another thing on the baking list! If you have cookies, use a cookie!) We also wash down our re-birthday cupcakes with a little eggnog!

Please share the ways you celebrate the Winter Solstice and the return of Light to the northern hemisphere in the comments below!

We don’t reach our dreams and goals alone. Let 2019 be the year you get the support of a Master Coach – yep, me – in designing and implementing your plan for 2019. Send me an email to schedule a time to chat – I am here for you.

Love & Light,


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