The coaching relationship offers clients a space to get current with themselves – their thoughts, concerns, emotions and goals. This space produces calm reflection, clear direction, strategic action and unprecedented results.

The Coaching Relationship is a collaborative partnership like no other for women. As executives and business owners we spend at least three-quarters of the day focused outward, thinking about and doing for others.

On productive days, all that outward focus feels good and yields praise for jobs well done. On over-scheduled days, all that outward focus steals from our ability to self-replenish. On grueling days, our precious energy reserves evaporate, leaving us feeling stressed and tired. These are the days that bring up our Masks.

When you spend time with Cat, your focus turns inward, offering you the space to exhale and recharge. With Cat’s help you will get current with you – your now thoughts, now feelings, now goals and now dreams. Those Masks created by old stories, borrowed beliefs, and unconscious patterns fall away. With this uncluttered clarity, your authenticity grows exponentially. Strategies for next steps organically emerge. No push. No pull.

You will be able to experience results in:

  • Putting yourself first authentically (no guilt!)
  • A Vision for yourself that lights you up!
  • Resilience bouncing back from disappointments
  • Courage to take steps to live more authentically
  • Ability to take action on your heart’s desires and goals
  • Authentic and effective communication
  • Increased energy

Coaching with Cat ensures you live true to who you are while making a difference … the difference that you are here to make personally and professionally.

Spending time with Cat is one of the most worthwhile things I have done in my career! She is so easy to talk to and does a great job guiding you to think about things in a different way. She provides great tools to use in various situations of your hectic life! Cat truly helped me to become a stronger, more confident leader. I am very grateful for the gift of Cat!

Alison Sheehan

SVP. General Manager, Monument Worldwide, St. Louis, MO

Wondering what coaching with Cat would be like? Cat believes in “try-before-you-buy” and offers complimentary strategy sessions to qualified clients. To book your complimentary strategy session, click here.

Cat Williford has been my coach for a number of years: she’s my toughest challenger and my kindest friend. She has helped me to step up to the challenge of ‘leading without leading’: running a global organization of collaborators and colleagues through honest relationships, not position or power. Cat has also helped me to find my voice and step onto the stage to speak about leadership, the role of women as leaders and to celebrate the inspirational leadership in the everyday. Thanks, Cat especially for supporting me to practice what I preach!
Helen Caton Hughes


Don’t wait another day, week or year to live life on your terms. It is your turn to experience the rewards of authenticity, self-love, energy, passion, resilience, confidence, courage and success. Click Here to book your complimentary strategy session.

Coaching with Cat is pure decadence without guilt. The investment I hold in coaching is the highest level of self-love and self-care I can give to myself with the highest guaranteed return. In a society that asks women to place value on youth and the quest for the flawless face and body over what lies within – a woman’s confidence and courage – coaching has helped me recalibrate my priorities and choices. My work with Cat has taken me on quite the journey, allowing me to honor my bravery, my beauty and my ability to run naked-crazy-wild with curiosity to create this life I’m living.

Laura Bradley

Musician, Artist, Composer

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