A born and bred Texan, Cat’s willingness to tell it straight as a shot of tequila is part of her charm.

With her Texas twang and no-holds-barred humor, Cat shines on any stage. More importantly, she speaks from the heart. Her diverse experience includes conference keynotes (National Management Association), guest expert appearances on national TV (The Maury Povich Show) to addressing the California Legislature on behalf of women’s safety and economic bills.

A pioneer of the Coaching Profession, Cat began speaking to publicize the emerging career pathway and share its life-altering potential. She quickly received feedback that her power of storytelling, humor and ability to connect with audiences made an informational keynote address or training session feel more like a soiree that gets people laughing, thinking, lit-up, and ready for action.

Cat’s “secret sauce” is her background in live theatre, Improv and a habit of saying, “put your lipstick on and get out there!” when opportunity calls. Additionally, her fascination of the human condition led to her expertise in archetypes, mythology, cutting edge coaching tools, and modalities of healing.

Today, Cat shares principles of her new program, The Authenticity Advantage™. She reveals how to get free of the heavy burdens of trying to please others, prove self-worth and avoid disaster by removing what she calls the Masks of Success. “Removing our Masks as ‘women in the middle’ is of utmost importance. The world needs our authentic voices, experiences, wisdom, and brilliance.”

Not only has Cat spoken around the world, she teaches others how to stand up and speak from their authenticity!

Keynote Topics

  • The Authenticity Advantage – Remove the Masks of Success & Reveal Your Brilliance
  • Embracing The Middle – Overcoming the Invisibility of Middle Age and Transition
  • Authentic Speaking for Women
  • Archetypes and Why they Matter to Women Leaders
  • Self-Love is a Magic Wand

The experience you’ll have in any of Cat’s sessions is interactive and conversational. She doesn’t like to be lectured to by PowerPoint either! Participants love how easy it is to assimilate Cat’s user-friendly tools and put them into practice immediately. They also love the hot-seat coaching opportunities.

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