Chunk It Down!

So, last week I talked about the distinction between Upgrade and Update – and that I was choosing to Upgrade as I chose my new home. Done! Signed last Friday, though not delivered until January.

I won’t lie – even though I have been very consciously choosing to stand in the power of “Both/And” in my search and deliberation, I have had many a night full of tossing, turning and playing solitaire the old fashioned way – with actual playing cards – to lull me back to sleep. (This is not normal for me – I have what I refer to as the gift of sleep. When I want to sleep, I sleep and have been known to nap in the middle of JazzFest in New Orleans, in a crowd of tens of thousands of people with live music permeating the air.)

I thought once the ink had dried on the contract, I’d fall back into my normal sleep pattern of getting in bed and the next thing I know, the alarm is going off (or a hot flash wakes me – and even with those, I’ve gotten to where I simply click the remote and the fan is wafting a cooling breeze, and I’m right back to sleep).

Sleepless in SoCal

Not so. The night after the ink dried, I crawled in bed, and my mind started r-a-c-i-n-g about all that must be done in one month to prepare for a move. So I turned on the light, wrote all my spinning thoughts in my journal, figuring that would help me drift into slumberland as I turned the light off. Nope. My mind spun out an additional list, which I dutifully wrote out and once again, hoped that was it. Before my mind could start racing around again, as I turned off the light for the third time, I began a gratitude meditation, and that did the trick.

Big projects can excite, energize, and inspire us – yet these same projects can overwhelm, daunt and frighten us. These big projects have a way of alternately motivating us to leap out of bed with a bounce in our step or compelling us to pull the covers over our heads.

What makes the difference between that sense of purpose and can-do attitude, and feelings of deflation, distraction and even sabotage?

Strategy, baby!

As a coach, I help my clients chunk things down into bite-size morsels of doable action steps. Whether staring at a business/marketing plan, writing a book, an upcoming move, a home renovation or even a big multi-week vacation, Strategy and a Plan is your BFF, while your Purpose is like a Guardian Angel!

I have coached myself into alignment with my Purpose for the move, crafted a strategy complete with categories, helpful people identified, “by when” dates for tasks … and now enjoy a sense of freedom so I can implement instead of worry.

To be sure, my inner Creator used to hate the idea of any kind of structure … she was proud to fly by the seat of her pants, making up life and ways forward as she went. I have a file drawer full of unfinished projects … ones I fully intend to circle back around to … after (fill in the blank). And this is what happens to all our great ideas until we map them to a Purpose, Strategy, and Plan.

Your Turn!

If you would love to see your Purpose and Dreams fulfilled in 2019, reach out now to ensure your success!

Now is a great time to work with me to clarify the dream, unmask, craft the strategy, and make the plan so you can take those bite-size morsels of action steps that lead to success – even in your hectic life! Yes, Chunk It Down is how success is always achieved. I’m here for you and your success.

Cat Williford, MCC

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