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Dealing with Disrespectful Dinosaurs

How can high-ranking women deal with disrespectful, old-fashioned male executives in their organization?

Oh, boy. This is a question best explored with your
favorite cup or glass of something strong, so pour
away and put your feet up

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Be Calm and Rock Your Business

What is the simplest way to calm yourself on the go in a startup environment?

Just thinking about a startup environment has this
entrepreneur’s heart racing!

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Women in Management Horizons (redefining femininity)

What is your current definition of femininity? Is
it stuck in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or the 80’s?

As we look toward the year 2000, trends are emerging in the ever-changing workplace that will affect us all.

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Playtime (child's play for grownups)

Your schedule in a rut? Here’s a question for you…

When was the last time you PLAYED on a playground? Ran across a field of grass just for the fun of it – not because it would raise your heart rate? Played on the swings? Climbed the monkey bars? Didn’t care if your sneakers got dirty?

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COOC Resignation

I have served diligently, seriously, and constantly. I have often sacrificed my own happiness, calm and inner peace to the cause of Control. I have found that Control offers no reward.

Now, it’s your turn to resign from Control. View the PDF for the letter template.

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Hurricane Harvey's Lessons - Part 1

As I sat on the phone with my mother in Texas at 11:00 p.m. central on Tuesday, Aug 29th, 2017 it was clear to me that Hurricane Harvey’s water would be coming into her Port Arthur, TX house shortly.

Lesson learned: Allow the collective to be of service.


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365 Life Shifts - Second Chances, and Then Some

I came to coaching because I believed I killed my father.

He was on dialysis and in kidney failure; my kidney was a “perfect” match. At 25, I was enthralled by the notion of perfect. I built an internal story that told me that I alone had been given the rare opportunity to save my father’s life, and donating my kidney to him was the most worthwhile – the most perfect – reason to be on Earth that I could imagine.

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365 Moments of Grace - Why Do You Think God is a He?

The noon hike into the Haleakala Crater on Maui Island wasn’t as easy as it looked from the rim.
Each time I thought of calling it quits, I felt pushed farther by an unseen hand I didn’t believe in anymore. I was there alone to purge the grief around my father’s death, which my kidney donation hadn’t been able to prevent.

“Stop pushing me, dammit!” Perched on a rock for rest and water, I considered rant writing.
Instead, rage bubbled out of me like lava. I paced around my rock.

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365 Soul Connections - Busy-Day Soul Connections

Remember the old AMEX slogan, “Don’t leave home without it”? Here are my busy-day “Don’t leave home without them,” soul connections to ensure all-day connection to the Light of Love inside!

1. Greet your soul in the mirror each morning – it doesn’t care about the pillowcase creases on
your cheek, crusty eyes, or bed-head hair. I smile from my heart and say, “Hello, Joyful Light.
We have a lot on our plate today. I know I will do better with it all when I am connected with