Stop Pretending You Don’t Know

 “Oh, my god!  Mom, I think I just saw a whale!  Yes!  I see the tail!  Oh my god!  There’s the spray again!”  I leapt off my cozy sofa to stand in front of the giant window in my living room, my eyes widened to see as much of the ocean in front of me as I could.

“Do people on the beach see it?” my mom asked.

I moved my gaze to the beach.  “They do!  There’s a family standing still, lined up looking where I’m looking!  And everyone on the pier is standing on the west side, looking at the same spot I am!”

We were both giddy with excitement as I described for her in great detail the sprays, fluke slaps and movement of the Whale.

Swim Like A Whale!

After the Thursday afternoon “show” was over, I looked up Whale in my book, “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams & David Carson.  Whale is our Record Keeper.  Whale is our connection to wisdom.

“Many Whale medicine people are able to tap into the universal mind of Great Spirit, and have no idea how or why they know what they know.  Only later, when they receive confirmation, do they begin to understand how they know or why they received the impressions.” — page 201

A few days later, just before I left my Chiropractor’s office, off the top of my head I reeled off numerological and astrological information to her about her upcoming year.  She just looked at me, shaking her head in wonderment. 


“I don’t really know what I know until I start talking.”  Light-bulb moment!  Almost verbatim the words I read about Whale Medicine.

How often does that happen?  You are asked a question and somehow overcome that first impulse to say, “I don’t know,” and then answer with depth, wisdom and authority.  Probably more often than you realize!

Whale Wisdom Curiosity

  • What changes if you acknowledge you currently have access to all the wisdom you will ever need?
  • What happens when you decide that you DO know?
  • What opens up if you let yourself be consciously aware of what you know?

After I wrote my answers in my journal, I felt an enormous relief.  My COOC (Chief Operating Officer of Control) is nowhere to be found other than relaxing on the golf course when I am consciously aware of my inner truths, have access to my wisdom and make decisions.

Stand in Your Whale Wisdom

So, dear Modern Goddess, grab some paper, lick your pencil (why did people do that???) and answer at least one of the Whale-inspired questions above. Each time you answer one of these questions, you will take off Masks, stand in your authenticity and feel more inner strength.

With the Light of Wisdom,


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