Breakthrough Your Comfort Zones

Breakthrough.  At first I was disturbed to see that the first definition on uses war language: “a military movement or advance all the way through and beyond an enemy’s front-line defense.”  Yet the more I thought about breakthrough from this angle, I saw that when we are longing for a breakthrough in our lives, we are at war with some part of ourselves.

We have a vision, an idea, a desire … yet we (i.e. our Masks) defend our current position with all the might we can muster.

The positivity strength in me prefers the third definition: “any significant or sudden advance, development, achievement, or increase.”  And, let’s be honest, sudden advances are usually years in the making.  Sort of like the brand new A-list celeb de’ jour jokes that they are an over-night success ten years in the making.

Comfort Zone Fence Sitting

Sometimes, I find myself sitting on a fence for a l-o-n-g time, counting blades of grass in an attempt to be smart and know exactly what it will be like when I jump off that fence. (Hello Smarty Pants Mask, the part of me that really can’t stand making mistakes!)

What I’ve come to realize through coaching clients and being coached for almost twenty-five years is this:  We delay our breakthroughs because we cling to comfort zones even though those zones cause us discomfort.  Ouch, I know!  I’ll say it again.  You delay your own breakthroughs by clinging to your comfort zones.

I clung to the make-me-feel-like-s*** comfort zone of NOT editing the last draft of my book for almost a year. Why?  Completing it means I venture into a field of new blades of grass. Well, I’m jumping into that new field baby, and the grass smells heavenly and freshly mowed!

What breaking through a comfort zone is NOT 

  • It is NOT telling yourself you should break through it.
  • It is NOT wishing someone else would do it for you.
  • It is NOT making you wrong for not already having done it.

I know it is none of these things because I tried them all and they didn’t work.

What breaking through a comfort zone IS 

  • It is loving yourself in spite of being stuck
  • It is asking for help with the bits that keep you stuck (like not knowing how)
  • It is coming from a place of generosity, willingness, love and desire
  • It is asking for help

Breakthrough Support

Grab your journal and take stock. 

  • Where in life are you stuck or fence-sitting and want a breakthrough?
  • What help/support/learning can you ask for?
  • What if you looked at being stuck from the eyes of love?

Share the Love

Please share your breakthrough stories below… from fence-sitting to woo-hoo!  And please, if you know you need the support of a coach to help you get off your fence, I’m here. I am passionate about coaching and being of service. When you spend time with me, your focus turns inward, offering you the space to exhale and recharge. Let’s connect and get the conversation going! Email me:

Love & Light,


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