Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Trail Map!

O.K. y’all – there is a TON of stuff happening astrologically speaking.

You have no doubt heard terms that are meaningless to you around the numerous retrogrades, full moon, eclipses and what it all means may feel like mumbo-jumbo you don’t smoke!

Here’s my Leadership-Coach-Priestess-What-You-Need-To-Know guide to it all!

Uranus went retrograde on Aug 2nd – expect the unexpected and look three times before you press the gas pedal when in reverse or make a turn (even if you have the green arrow). Internal and global power struggles abound during this retrograde. It is the divine opportunity to move beyond individual ego and narcissism Masks and into We and Collaboration as our perspectives on life. The global is mirroring the personal and vice-versa. Don’t like something “out there”? Look “in there”.

Mercury goes retrograde on Aug 12th – I’ve experienced the tech glitches during the pre-retro shadow … best thing we can do is remain patient! Check out my “Mercury Retrograde Relief” blog and downloadable meditation. You’re welcome!

Full Moon / Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius Aug 7th – (ruled by Uranus, not coincidentally!) – this eclipse invites us to release childhood patterns, behaviors and stories of who we are supposed to be and identify the story we CHOOSE today to live into and experience. This is a fantastic opportunity to uncover the Mask(s) keeping your authenticity hidden due to old pain, trauma, and trapped in living out the old stories repeatedly.

The Full Moon aspect invites us to see things from a non-personal level and find our way to a high vantage point or meta-view. My clients and I find it helpful to imagine being in a helicopter, on top of a skyscraper or mountaintop looking down at life’s circumstances to find that non-personal part of the equation. When we do this, we can disengage from the B.S. of the Saboteur’s version of who’s right or wrong, or the lies around our unworthiness and how we must be to blame, etc. This view can also help us see what is our responsibility in a situation and what we need to own and clean up with someone else. This 10,000-foot level also provides the perspective and insight we need to determine how best to move forward. (This technique is one way I help clients un-mask!)

Other planetary aspects also point us to pay attention as specific “problem areas” in life show up. These must be resolved now to move into the upcoming Harmony of the Fall Equinox. If you let the problems fester, they will build into obsession and destructive behavior. These problem areas will probably be triggered when it seems someone is trying to diminish your personal power (consciously or unconsciously). This is a very good time to take off the Chief Operating Officer of Control mask, for it will tell you to steamroll or usurp. Instead, honest conversation (with Self first!) and compromise are the way forward.

Another big message of this season’s astrology is PAY ATTENTION to your body’s cues. Don’t push past or ignore pain, old injuries flaring up or new spots on your skin. I’ve learned my body is always communicating and how to dial into the proper channel to hear the messages. Listening is a big key now. (I have become a master at this – let me know if you want some support in listening to your body!)

One last nugget of this trail guide: Honor your urge to succeed by balancing it with the human relationship element of “everybody benefits” rather than moving forward at the expense of another. Back to the Lunar Eclipse for a moment: This eclipse also encourages us to BECOME the one we have been waiting for to guide us forward through the “dark” of the unknown before us. Your unknown may be in a personal relationship, career or business, or your own spirituality. This eclipse opens up the channel within. Sit quietly and receive the message of your Inner Wisdom and the Divine.

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