Mercury Retrograde Relief!


I don’t remember ever having so many pre-Mercury Retrograde shenanigans … ever, and that’s saying something, y’all!  This morning, after the ninety-ninth thing went sideways on me, instead of crawling under my bed and hiding like a good kitty, I remembered I’d created this visualization a few years ago. I listened and it was like insta-calm!

So, if you’ve had appointments get tangled, technology huff and puff along, delays and other cray-cray things occur – do yourself a favor and listen to this meditation.

It is a quickie – less than ten minutes so there is no excuse for walking around grumpy all day after a communication blunder or tech malfunction!

I’d love to hear what shifted for you as a result of getting some Mercury Retrograde Relief with this meditation, so please post your experiences below!

Love & Light,


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