When You Think You Know Best!

One of my first blog posts on being in the grips of the Chief Operating Officer of Control mask was about the time I tried to tell a man in the film business, in his 50’s, the correct way to purchase our movie tickets. After my third interruption of his interaction at the ticketing window, he looked at me as if I had three heads. I burst out laughing and walked away as that was about all I could do.

As we walked inside we were both laughing hysterically and I apologized for being so rude and a control freak. He then told me I was to get the popcorn and sodas because he might not know how to work the soda machine! We then had a great time enjoying soda, popcorn, and a terrific movie.

My biggest lesson? My sense of humor and enjoyment are possible when I remember I resigned as the Chief Operating Officer of Control.

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