Update or Upgrade?

Several years ago, my mom asked me what the difference is between a security update and a security upgrade on her computer. I told her the updates are the included, ongoing patches to her existing program’s contract and that upgrades are offered when it is time to renew the subscription or get a new version of the program altogether.

I am discovering this holds true in life. For instance – we can fairly inexpensively update the look of a living room with a few new throw pillows on the sofa (or not spend one dime and simply rearrange the furniture). We enjoy the new look for a while though nothing has really changed or transformed in a big way. The Fairy Tale Fine mask can make us feel like even a small update isn’t necessary. The Suck It Up Buttercup mask can make us feel like we shouldn’t spend even a few dollars on new throw pillows because that money should go to someone else in the family.

When it comes to upgrades, we are looking at purchasing new living room furniture altogether (or dining room table, bedroom suite, etc.). This new furniture has the effect of transforming the look, feel and often the energy of a space. We may even feel differently in our spaces with new furniture if the old stuff made us groan or sigh each time we looked at it. Remodeling rooms of a home = definite upgrade!

What gets in the way of Upgrades?

Often, we have to remove the masks that limit our stretching and reaching for the new in life – masks like Chief Operating Officer of Control and certainly the masks mentioned above.

In my search for a new home, I’ve been very aware that some places I check out are simply an update – as in the age of appliances, bathroom fixtures, etc. are about the same, yet the colors are different. There are no added bells and whistles in the space from what I already have. The embedded “don’t ask for too much,” warning of Suck It Up Buttercup makes it feel like an update is a-ok. And it may absolutely be – we just want to be aware of which part of us is running the internal conversation.

A few places I’ve viewed have felt like a definite upgrade, like the place I saw that has been gutted and remodeled beautifully! These upgrade options also come with a hefty increase in monthly outlay. So I let my COOC do her thing and run numbers. I conferred with the peeps in my life that are great sounding boards for big decisions. And when I felt the inner transformation in me, I said “yes” to upgrade.

I am now completely ready for, excited about and want an upgrade!

What is the And?

And, that is one side of my both-and continuum. The “and” is, every so often I still experience feelings of “I don’t wanna” about the move. Upgrades can be like that. We have to process the change, any grief associated with it and then we can transform internally, which allows us to jump into an upgrade with both feet.

Take a look at your life and see what is tugging at you for an upgrade, and identify what simply requires an update to stay current and fresh.

Share below what you discover about your own upgrades and updates!

I love supporting my clients to leap into the upgrades of their lives! If you are ready for an upgraded 2019, and know you need some support please reach out now. There is no better time to set up 2019 for upgrades!

Love & Light,


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