Vulnerability and Truth

Isn’t it funny, how much we want people to be honest with us yet we can get a little less than truth-telling with ourselves about the hard stuff? It is vulnerable to know our own truths. I’m an ace at ignoring truths that are doing their best to get my attention. I indulge in busyness, a second cocktail, or focus on helping others.

Sometimes I think I’d rather not even know the truth about something because then I will be at a vulnerable place of choice. Yet those truths we run away from? They wind up running our life.

Vulnerability is often collapsed into the fear of experiencing fear, pain and suffering. The day I discovered that vulnerability doesn’t have to be dramatic, diminishing or self-effacing was a happy day. I found that vulnerability is simply letting yourself know the truth. Some truths are gentle whispers like a cooling summer breeze while others land with a thud. Either way, truth offers the freedom to make choices that serve our greater good. On the other side of the drama comes true grief and the healing of our hearts. This is the place we discover a new availability to love.

What is your avoiding inner truth behavior? The next time you find yourself in it, stop and ask, “What truth is here for me now?” Know that when you stop all the swirling and sit down to hear your truth, it really isn’t nearly as frightening as imagined. It is liberating

So, what truth is whispering in your ear today? Want some support in hearing those truths whispering in your ear? A VIP day with me will catapult you beyond the fears and into living the next part of your amazing story. Email me to set up a complimentary discovery session.

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