Fifty is the New Fifty!

Forty is the new twenty … fifty is the new thirty … sixty is the new forty ….

Can I just call Bullshit? While the fabulous face creams out there can certainly support our skin to look dewier and smoother longer and longer, and eating fruits and veggies and lean protein can support us to be healthy … I’m here to tell you that in my fifties my body does not feel like I am in my thirties as I re-enter the gym. (And I’m not that out of shape!)

In my thirties, two weeks of doing what I’m doing right now would have netted a different set of results. For instance – a few weeks of lifting weights and my muscles used to really pop and now, there is a slower shift in muscle tone. (Yes, I know … eat more protein.) Another for instance – a few weeks of ramped up cardio and downsized portions and snacks used to move the needle on the scale and where I hook my bra. The other for instance here is in my thirties it was all about the scale and the size number tag in my clothing.

In my fifties, two months of doing what I’m doing these days makes me feel great in other ways, though, that my thirty-something never thought about. I feel taller and my posture is better, even when sitting at the computer. Lifting weights has me feel stronger and stronger as I’ve progressed from light to medium weights, and I have to say, that feels fantastic! In ramping up my cardio I’ve gone from 20 minutes to 45 and I can feel my endurance grow each session. The other for instance here is in my fifties, it is all about Self-Love and Self-Care.

Here’s the best part about fifty is the new fifty … it is real, authentic and there is no pretending.

Several years ago I ran a program called “The Self Love Challenge” and that is what I am putting myself through right now, right down to answering specific questions in my journal, looking at which past emotions and experiences still have a hold on me, and recognizing just what self-forgiveness is at hand. And this is one way to live the Authenticity Advantage, y’all … telling yourself the truth of what is so, and then making choices, sometimes hard choices, in order to net different results.

So, mid-lifers, what are you noticing about the difference from being in your twenties or thirties to now in what it takes to keep your body strong, fit and healthy? What are your super-duper tactics? Share in the comments below and let’s learn from each other!

If you’d like some support in creating your own Self Love Challenge, I’m here for you! Reach out and let’s talk.

Love & Light,


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