A Funny Thing Happens On The Way To Goals!

I met my target date of Monday, October 1 to hand over my book manuscript to my editor!!!! Wheeeee! Happy Dance!!!

I spent the weekend before that target date in the writing (or in this case, rewriting) nest and completed my goal. When done, I experienced everything from feeling a little deflated and flat to riding the gleeful high of accomplishment. I was surprised by the flatness but was assured by accomplished writers that my momentary lack of effervescence is quite common. About a half hour later, when I really took in that I saw my commitment through, I enjoyed a sense of joyful satisfaction.

Goal Talk & Masks

I’ve been talking about goals professionally with clients for 25 years and in those conversations, I’ve learned a big truth: we each take a journey of learning, growth and opportunity when we set goals, especially around goals that challenge something within us.

Writing a memoir is one of those big challengers! I had to continually remove the Perfectionista mask in order to let myself write what wanted to be written. I had to keep in check the Fairy Tale Fine mask, so I would keep digging at painful, deeper truths inside the book. I had to balance these tendencies in order to complete the rewrite. And even if I hadn’t set such a goal for myself, I realized I balance those two pulls each time I write or engage in a goal.

I’m also in the middle of some pretty bodacious goals for my body – chiefly in rebuilding my strength (hello weight room!) and stamina (hello sneakers!) and flexibility (hello yoga!). I’m applying a very different approach to these goals than in meeting my book rewrite goals because I know my body will not be rewritten in a long weekend.

The Strategy!

While the Perfectionista mask is certainly present, so is the Over-Doer mask that wants me to double and triple time, weight and speed. How very 80’s and “feel the burn”! So I’m sticking to my strategy of ‘slow and steady accomplishes this goal’ because getting there without the delay of injury is as important to me as reaching my fitness goals.

So, what goal(s) are you working on right now? What are you learning about your tendencies around goals? Which masks are you managing? Do you have a workable strategy and plan? Share what you are up to in the comments below, especially which masks you are taking off, and please share your best strategies for goal accomplishment!

If you would like some support in dismantling masks and gaining wisdom in the learning while you pursue your goals with a solid strategy and plan, reach out. I am really gifted at helping people reverse engineer their goals!

With Love & Light,


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