Your Heroine’s Journey!

If the classic Hero’s Journey is prompted by an external world call for change, the Heroine’s Journey is prompted by: 1. Feelings of “is this all there is?” 2. “I always really wanted to …” and 3. “This isn’t what I thought it would be like …”

The Heroine’s Journey for today’s woman is about heeding the call to leave the safety of everyday routine in order to reclaim the true power of our feminine nature, the gift of our bodies, our hard-won wisdom, our authenticity and contributions.

It is as much an un-doing as it is a doing.

Now, before you start saying things like, “I don’t feel like much of a heroine during my busy days filled with work and life stuff, …” let me say this: I so get it and have said the exact same things.

And here’s the truth: Every bit of our lives is the Heroine’s Journey.

Y’all know how much I love the intersection of archetype, goddess, feminine energy, astrology, big picture and deep dive personal development? Well, I’ve put them all together in my new FB Live show, Your Heroine’s Journey™!

Your Heroine’s Journey live show begins on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, 4:00 p.m. pacific. We will be exploring just what it means to take Your Heroine’s Journey. The show will roll every other week. (Upcoming shows: March 19, April 2, and 16.)

We will talk about:

  • You and your current vision/dreams/goals
  • You and your body today
  • You and your wisdom
  • You and your relationships
  • You and your wisdom
  • You and your developing story

This show is a fancy BeLive show, which means I get to bring on guests, including you! I invite you to be there Live, to participate via comments and questions. Your questions and thoughts will be an integral part of the conversation. (If you miss it live, watch later and read the comments and questions, and add your own to the conversation. I will read and respond.)

Bonus: if you are anything like me when I participate in Live shows on FB, you will make new friends!

What other topics/areas of curiosity would you like us to cover? Please share in the comments below.

Love & Light,


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