Ending The Year Strong!

Now is a great time to take stock of life and your goals as the Fall Equinox approaches (Saturday, Sept. 22). You’ve probably noticed the earlier sunsets the past few weeks heralding the close of the summer season.

An equinox represents balance of all kinds – equality of day and night, light and shadow, output and rest, doing and being, etc. These seasonal pauses allow us to reflect upon where we are when it comes to balance in our lives.

The Fall Equinox is also a good time to reflect upon what ending the year strong means to you, and what it could look like. Yes, professional and personal goals are certainly a part of this opportunity. And, the deeper opportunity is to choose the experiential part of those goals.

Achieving and working toward each external goal (meeting a number goal in your income or the scale; cleaning out the garage; purging a closet or three…) will come with an experience. For instance, I could honor my goal of purging my closets while kicking my own proverbial ass the whole time for letting my closets become so over-filled, make myself really wrong for no longer fitting into some of my clothing, shame myself for keeping sentimental items, etc. OR, I could choose to experience a sense of lightness as the pile for donations grows, curiosity about why I keep all those old valentines and cards from my ex, and understanding for not doing the last two seasonal purges while getting my mama ready for the move.

Choosing and holding intentions for the experiences we desire in life is equally important as focusing on the tasks of a goal. In the first scenario, my Chief Operating Officer of Control and Perfectionista would be leading the charge. In the second scenario, my authenticity, vulnerability, and love would be in charge of the experience … and task.

What three goals do you want to engage with that will bring you a sense of balance and equality? And, even more important – what do you choose to experience during the activities that will help you achieve your goal?

Please share in the comments what three experiences you choose to have as you end the year strong!

P.S. I absolutely LOVE supporting people to uncover and give themselves permission for the underlying experiences they yearn for in all aspects of life. Do you need some help uncovering / permitting yours? Reach out now and end this year strong!

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