Build Your Self Love Muscles!

A client once said to me, “I hate who I have become.” I replied, you aren’t that damn Chief Operating Officer of Control Mask, you’ve just been in the habit of wearing it for so long, you have come to think it is you. We took a deep dive into that mask and once she identified the ways it had initially helped her, she saw the mask for what it was supposed to be. Temporary. After our deep dives into her old story and carving a path forward, she loves who she is today. In fact, she said, “I’m actually nuts about me! I’m awesome!”

In the movie “Chapter Two” with Marsha Mason, there’s a scene where she confronts her new husband (who is ready to throw in the towel) with her famous line, “I’m nuts about me!” For any of us to stand in front of someone and say, “I’m nuts about me,” is beautiful and courageous! And it begins as an inside job.

When I was in my early thirties, it actually became my goal to be able to say, “I’m nuts about me!” a-la Marsha Mason. How did I get there while moving through the spins, swirls, and twirls of starting and building a coaching and training business? I thought about what brought me to a place of self-awareness and I began there, with journaling and taking meditative walks in nature. I prayed, pulled tarot cards and runes, and sometimes just sat and gazed out the window. I also talked love to myself – in the shower, in the mirror, chopping vegetables, washing dishes … all the things we do every day are opportunities to wash ourselves in self-love.

These acts invite the stillness of mind that allows us to pause and reflect. While often nothing life altering occurs, it is the dedicated practice to these activities that help us take off the Masks, build self-awareness and experience Self-Love. If you find yourself in the swirls and twirls, take five minutes and just sit and breathe deeply or jot a few things in a journal. Try it today, and then do it every day. The effect is profound.

I am passionate about coaching and being of service and helping women say, “I’m nuts about me!” When you spend time with me, your focus turns inward, offering you the space to exhale and recharge. Let’s connect and get the conversation going! Email me:

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