Your Heroine’s Journey ~ Journal (PDF)

Tools for Living Your Heroine’s Journey

Journal for Heart-Centered, Type-A, List-Makers

One of my favorite self-development tools is journaling. Writing out my emotions and thoughts is cathartic, eye-opening, and supports me to remove the masks that keep me playing small.

And yet … I don’t always take the time to sit down and write inside one of the pretty journals on my bookshelf. So, I created a straight-to-the-heart-of-it template for myself, shared it with clients and colleagues and they ALL love it!

So now, I share this hybrid of list-making, intention setting, and reflection with you! Even though it is quick and to the point, you will experience the benefits of regular journaling like discovering patterns, habits, and old beliefs that no longer serve. With the daily intention list, you can easily re-calibrate, unmask and try on new behaviors and beliefs that not only feel good, they also invite success!

It is my deep wish that you enjoy Your Heroine’s Journey Journal. I’d love to hear from you about your experiences journaling this way. Please do email me!

Love & Light,


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