I started working with Cat at a time of major transition in my life – my marriage had recently ended, I left a toxic workplace for a new job, and my mother had passed away six months prior. Our coaching started off with a “VIP Day” (or as I like to call it, a VI-Me Day!) where we explored what I wanted to accomplish through coaching, I created a Vision Board, and Cat helped me do a deep dive to explore what holds me back as well as my greatest strengths and characteristics.

About a month into our work together, Cat led me through a visualization that was truly cathartic. Although my mother had passed away over six months prior, I had not been able to grieve her death, much less just think about her, without having an anxiety attack. With Cat’s loving, gentle guidance, I was able, through the visualization, to say goodbye to my mom and finally embrace and release my grief. I am forever grateful to Cat for creating the safe space I needed to process my sorrow and transform it into loving memories.