Opportunity or Control?

I ping-ponged between my happy-go-lucky-sunshine-self and hot-head-know-it-all Aries in my younger years. I learned in my twenties that my flash-point anger was one way I tried to control situations. I quickly realized opportunities diminished when I lost my happy-go-lucky-sunshine-self.

These days, I know that opportunity for all manner of unexpected and amazing things comes in the door when I sit back, relax and allow life to unfold. A cue for me that I’m ramping into the control side of me is closed or clenched hands.

I can’t count how many times I had to re-resign as the Chief Operating Officer of Control after my first resignation! At this point, I feel the control urge flutter, and before it even hits my emotional system, I smile and ask, “What is yours to influence and what is not yours?” That question has saved me countless hours of suffering. Because let’s just call it – trying to control others, and the Universe is an engraved invitation to suffer.

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Love and Light,


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